Chuck Leaver’s Cybersecurity Pedigree

Everyone in the field of tech realizes that Charles Leaver, CEO of cybersecurity giant Ziften, is one of the most skilled cybersecurity experts out there. Primarily, he is so knowledgeable because of his extensive experience in nearly every area of the tech sector, including application software and infrastructure technologies, application development and gaming. However, he also owned, operated and managed several technologically superior lottery systems worldwide.

Charles Leaver is optimistic about the future, which may be the key reason so many people listen to him. He strongly believes the future for cybersecurity is good. For one thing, we are at just the beginning of the “Internet of Things” era, and that will create plenty of new opportunities for innovators. Ziften, like the rest of the cybersecurity sector, can make great strides over this coming new phase of the technological revolution. And if anyone should know, it’s Chuck Leaver. When it comes to cybersecurity, Charles Leaver has few peers. The CEO of Ziften is keen to lead one of the most prominent cybersecurity firms in the world into the future and to help everyone keep their systems secure.

Charles Leaver – Experienced Entrepreneur

Charles Leaver developed the majority of his career applicable skills while working at DA/EE. Because he joined the company at an early stage of its development as an entry level employee, he was able to work his way up, learning everything he could along the way, all the way up the ladder to eventually becoming the CEO. As CEO Charles Leaver was responsible for revenue growth, strategic development and ultimately grew the company’s public offering to a $750 million market cap. This skill at finding growth opportunities has continued to bring him success throughout his career as the knowledge he gained at that time during his occupational development has become applicable in many other aspects of his career over the years.

Chuck Leaver Brings Cybersecurity to the Masses

Charles Leaver has earned the accolades he receives as the CEO of cybersecurity firm Ziften, one of the most prominent tech companies. Since the beginning of his tech career in 1982, Chuck Leaver has experience life at various times as an entrepreneur, a senior executive, a sales and management specialist and advisor. When it comes to a number of tech fields, he is at the top of his game.

Long before he became CEO at Ziften, he served the company well as its Chairman. Of course, before that he was a capital partner with Trellis Partners, an Austin, Texas venture capital firm. To suggest that he has seen the tech business from all sides would be a severe understatement. Charles Leaver has shown great skill and understanding of all aspects of tech, in particular cyber security.

In addition to that area, Chuck Leaver is also highly regarded in all areas of the tech sector as someone with a knack for successfully guiding companies to push a technological edge and move them into new, untapped markets.

Chuck Leaver knows exactly what systems need to keep them safe. He has managed, operated and even owned technologically advanced lottery systems all over the world. Leaver believes that the future of cybersecurity is, well, secure, since the coming “Internet of Things” will bring with it a whole new range of security challenges that he is confident he can meet. With Charles Leaver leading the way, Ziften is uniquely positioned to make strides throughout the future of the technological revolution.

Charles Leaver and Ziftens Technologies

Charles Leaver is an experienced entrepreneur who has successfully executed aggressive business plans. He has over 30 years of experience in sales and management that have seen him serve as a senior executive at the high-tech, infrastructure and media industries. His experience at the international level focusing in Europe, Asia, and South America has helped him to successfully conceive compelling value propositions.  He has also led organizations in Latin America including Latin America Gas Pipeline Company – the first international investment of equity. While still working in South America, he continued his interest in innovation, and he was given patent in mobile phone gaming by the Brazilian government.

Charles’ wealth of experience in Sales and Management which include application software, infrastructure technology, and gaming qualified him as the chief executive officer of the Ziftens open visibility and intelligence company. Moreover, he has successfully built leading edge organizations. Before becoming the CEO of Ziftens, Charles served as the chairman of the board. Earlier, he had served as a Partner with the venture capital firm located in Austin, Texas.

Apart from being widely known for phone lottery business, he is also experienced in developing web applications, ERP, and E – learning. With all these experiences plus the operational experience in gaming markets, he has not only led organizations involved in new market development but has also led some organizations involved in equity or capital expansions.